All GF Hotels Pattaya List

List of all known guest friendly (bar girl friendly) hotels and guest houses in Pattaya

last updated 13.11.2020

Table information:

All hotels are listed in alphabetical order.

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Location Walking Street = hotels on/within walking distance to Walking Street; LK Metro = hotels on/within walking distance to soi LK Metro; Soi 6 = hotels on/within walking distance to soi 6

*All hotels have a free Wi-Fi.

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hotel namestarslocationpoolprice
247 Boutique Hotel3LK MetroYes$38+
7 Days Premium Hotel Pattaya3Walking StreetNo$32+
Acqua Hotel4LK MetroYes$33+
Adelphi Pattaya Hotel4LK MetroYes$26+
Altera Hotel and Residence4soi 6Yes$39+
Amari Nova Suites Pattaya4+soi 6Yes$46+
April Suites Pattaya3soi 6Yes$32+
Areca Lodge Hotel3LK MetroYes$43+
At Sea Residence2Walking StreetNo$26+
August Suites Pattaya3+soi 6Yes$32+
Avalon Beach Resort4JomtienYes$73+
Aya Boutique Hotel Pattaya4Walking StreetYes$56+
Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery By Sofitel5LK MetroYes$80+
Baywalk Residence3Walking StreetYes$44+
Bella Villa Prima Hotel3soi 6Yes$37+
Best Bella Pattaya Hotel4soi 6Yes$33+
Best Corner Pattaya1+Walking StreetNo$15+
Canterbury Tales Guesthouse1LK MetroNo$9+
Centara Pattaya Hotel4soi 6Yes$33+
Chada Thai House2LK MetroNo$32+
Copa Hotel3Walking StreetNo$32+
Deep Blue Z103LK MetroYes$54+
Eastiny Seven Hotel3soi 6Yes$27+
Empress Pattaya Hotel3soi 6Yes$26+
Encore Walking St. Guesthouse1Walking StreetNo$12+
English Rose2LK MetroNo$17+
Fifth Jomtien Pattaya4JomtienYes$36+
Flipper Lodge3LK MetroYes$30+
Four Seasons Place Hotel4LK MetroYes$44+
Garden Guest House2LK MetroNo$23+
Grand Hotel Pattaya3Walking StreetNo$29+
Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya4+soi 6Yes$55+
Hideaway Guest House and Bar1LK MetroNo$32+
Hilton Pattaya5LK MetroYes$180+
Holiday Inn Pattaya4+soi 6Yes$101+
Honey Inn3LK MetroNo$24+
Honey Lodge3Walking StreetYes$32+
Hotel Amber Pattaya4LK MetroYes$35+
I-Rovers Sports Bar & Hotel1LK MetroNo$18+
Ibis Pattaya Hotel3soi 6Yes$23+
Inn House3LK MetroYes$28+
Intimate Hotel4LK MetroYes$54+
Katesiree House1LK MetroNo$17+
Katesiree Residence1+LK MetroNo$16+
Le Prive Pattaya3Walking StreetYes$54+
LK Metropole Hotel4LK MetroYes$36+
LK Residence3LK MetroYes$34+
LK Royal Suite Hotel3+LK MetroYes$46+
LK The Empress4LK MetroYes$49+
March Hotel3soi 6Yes$42+
Maytara Hotel3LK MetroYes$22+
Mera Mare Pattaya4soi 6Yes$69+
Mercure Pattaya4LK MetroYes$52+
Metro Apartments2LK MetroNo$29+
Mooks Residence3soi 6No$24+
Nemos Guesthouse and Massage2LK MetroNo$18+
New Eurostar Hotel and Spa3JomtienYes$30+
Nieuw Vlaanderen3LK MetroNo$23+
Nirvana Boutique Suites Hotel3JomtienYes$40+
Nova Gold Hotel3soi 6Yes$32+
P.72 Hotel2Walking StreetNo$22+
Pace Residence2LK MetroNo$22+
Page 10 Hotel4LK MetroYes$47+
Pattaya Blue Sky Hotel3soi 6Yes$31+
Queen Victoria Inn2+soi 6No$30+
Rabbit Resort4JomtienYes$99+
Rose Bay Resort3soi 6Yes$60+
Ruby Club Bar & Guesthouse1soi 6No$28+
Sabai Inn3soi 6Yes$25+
Sabai Lodge Hotel3+soi 6Yes$28+
Sabai Resort3soi 6Yes$29+
Sabai Wing3soi 6Yes$32+
Sea Me Spring Hotel3LK MetroYes$49+
Sea Me Spring Too3+LK MetroYes$41+
Season Five Hotel4soi 6Yes$43+
Secrets Hotel2Walking StreetNo$25+
Seven Zea Chic Hotel3+soi 6Yes$32+
Siam @ Siam Design Hotel Pattaya4+soi 6Yes$77+
Sleep with Me Pattaya3LK MetroYes$36+
StarMax Guest House1LK MetroNo$17+
Steak & Co. Boutique Hotel1+LK MetroNo$20+
Summer Spring Hotel3soi 6Yes$38+
Sutus Court2LK MetroYes$25+
Swiss Food Restaurant and Hotel2Walking StreetNo$23+
Thai Garden Resort4soi 6Yes$53+
The Ambiance Pattaya Hotel3Walking StreetNo$17+
The Classroom Hotel3Walking StreetNo$33+
The Green View2Walking StreetNo$32+
The Moonlight Place2LK MetroNo$16+
The Now Hotel3+JomtienNo$39+
The Siam Guest House2LK MetroNo$17+
The Stay Hotel3+LK MetroYes$45+
The Weekend Pattaya3LK MetroNo$21+
Traveller’s Rest Sports Bar1+LK MetroNo$16+
Travelodge Pattaya3LK MetroYes$38+
Tuga’s Bar and Guest House1Walking StreetNo$26+
View Talay 6 by Honey3LK MetroYes$29+
W14 Hotel3Walking StreetYes$40+
Walking Street Guest House1+Walking StreetNo$15+
Wave hotel4LK MetroYes$130+
Westerly Hill Guest House2LK MetroNo$21+
Woodlands Hotel and Resort4soi 6Yes$72+
Woodlands Suites Serviced Residences4+soi 6Yes$93+
Yoyo Guest House2+LK MetroNo$19+
ZEN Rooms LK Metro3LK MetroNo$30+
Zing Resort&Spa3JomtienYes$31+
Zip Lounge & Apartments2LK MetroNo$20+

Hotels with joiner fees

The following hotels charge joiner fees (some people got lucky and brought guests free of charge but why take risk? Plenty of other options.)

The Bayview Hotel Pattaya

Discovery Beach Hotel

Avani Pattaya Resort

Dusit Thani Pattaya

Pattaya Seaview Hotel

Camelot Hotel

The Beverly Hotel Pattaya

Siam Bayshore Resort