Guest Friendly Hotels Pattaya

guest friendly hotels pattaya

Guest friendly hotels Pattaya general information First of all, I visit many hotels at least a few times per year. Then, I speak to staff/owners and take new pics. Finally, and most importantly, all the information is firsthand. This post was way too long, so I moved all bar girls related information to my other …

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Pattaya girls guide 2022

pattaya girls

There are tons of information on the internet about the Pattaya girls. Below are the most important useful tips from my personal experience. What’s new in 2022? Tree town near LK Metro has become much bigger and better. There are many new bars with bar girls, live music, cheap food and also freelancers in the …

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Pattaya Go Go bars 2022

pattaya go go bars

Almost all Pattaya go go bars are located on Walking Street and LK Metro area with few exceptions. Below is the list of these bars with short information and location. I’ll try to keep the list updated but bars open and close all the time. You can also check my list of guest friendly hotels …

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Guest Friendly Hotels Bangkok

guest friendly hotels bangkok

The best guest friendly hotels Bangkok are located within walking distance to Bangkok nightlife – beer bars, go go bars and nightclubs. The most famous red light districts are soi 4 Nana (Nana Plaza), soi Cowboy and Patpong. Soi Nana is still the best entertainment area in Bangkok. Good value for money. Many beer bars …

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Guest Friendly Hotels Phuket

guest friendly hotels phuket

Guest friendly hotels Phuket general information: Every year I visit many guest friendly hotels in Phuket, speak to staff/owners and take new pics. The centre of Phuket nightlife is Patong and it’s (un)famous Bangla road where the most beer bars and the biggest clubs are concentrated. Many hotels in Phuket and Patong area do not allow unregistered …

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Guest Friendly Hotels Patong

guest friendly hotels patong

Guest friendly hotels Patong general information: All the information below is firsthand from my trips to Patong. Every year I visit many hotels, speak to staff/owners and take new pics. All best guest friendly hotels Patong below are located within walking distance to Bangla road, the center of Phuket’s nightlife and Patong beach. Many hotels in Patong …

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Patong Bar Girls Guide 2022

patong bar girls

All Patong bar girls related information below is from my latest trips to Patong.  I had to rewrite the whole post, as the situation is different now. Patong bar girls tips   Find a guest (bar girl) friendly hotel in Patong Many hotels in Patong temporary waived the joiner fees to attract more visitors but …

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