Pattaya girls guide 2022

pattaya girls

There are tons of information on the internet about the Pattaya girls. Below are the most important useful tips from my personal experience.

What’s new in 2022?

Tree town near LK Metro has become much bigger and better. There are many new bars with bar girls, live music, cheap food, and freelancers in the area. Almost all go go bars are open, with limited opening time and no dancing allowed. Most bars on soi 6 are open with new bars like Sandcastle with many girls.

Some new gentlemen’s clubs worth a visit – club Fate on soi Boomerang, the same owner as Camel Toe and High Rollers on soi Chaiyapoon. Soi Chaiyapoon also has some nice new beer bars – Dive bar and Inferno. There is also a new place called Red hot & Blue on soi Buakhao with poles and many nice girls but expect to pay go go prices for ST/LT. Freelancers are not happy with 1000 baht anymore. For the latest Pattaya bar girl prices, check the information below.

Pattaya girls tips

When you plan your Pattaya trip, make sure your hotel is guest friendly and always book a room for two people. Some hotels charge extra for visitors.

  • Where to stay in Pattaya?

There are girly bars and massage parlors all over the city. Still, the most famous areas to find the Pattaya girls are Walking Street (mostly go go bars with stunners and the most expensive area), LK Metro (best value for money, all kinds of venues), and soi 6 (cheap, short time heaven). Near LK Metro are the new excellent party area, Tree town and soi Boomerang, with a high concentration of nice gentlemen’s clubs, so choose your hotel depending on your preferences.

  • How to take a girl out of the bar?

It’s extremely easy. Most bar girls in Pattaya go with customers. At least a few girls will approach you when you enter the bar and ask for a lady drink. You can buy or refuse; up to you, don’t feel uncomfortable. When you choose the right girl, negotiate the price in advance and pay the bar fine. Unlike Angeles, the Pattaya girls price is not included in the bar fine.

  • Pattaya girls prices (going rates) and how much to pay in 2022?

Unlike the bar fines, the Pattaya girl prices are highly negotiable. It’s between you and the girl. Here is a short guide for bar fines and asking prices in Thai baht.

Pattaya bar girl prices 2022: Bar fines in beer bars start from 300+ and the bar girls ask for 1500 short time (two hours) and from 2000 baht for long time (the whole night or at least two shots). Pattaya go go girl bar fines start from 800 baht (LK Metro) to 1000-1500 baht in Walking street go go bars. Short time starts from 2000 to more than 5000 baht for the whole night.

It isn’t easy to find a freelancer for 1000 short time these days, now they ask 1200-1300 up and 2000-3000 for the whole night. The girls on soi 6 and many gentlemen’s clubs are now cheaper and less hassle. Soi 6 bar fines are 300-400 baht and 1000 for the girl. In gentlemen’s clubs, the bar fine is 300-500 baht and 1000 ST, 500 for a BJ. Massages start from 150-200 baht for a regular massage and 500-1000 tip for the girl, depending on the extras HJ, BJ or ST.

  • How much are the lady drinks in Pattaya in 2022?

Lady drinks on Walking Street go go bars cost between 170 and 200 baht; on LK Metro go gos are mostly 160-180. On soi 6 bars, expect to pay between 130 (Ruby club) and 150 baht (Nightwish group bars and the new Sandcastle bar). In gentlemen’s clubs, lady drinks are mostly 150 and up to 189 baht for special drinks like bottled beer.

  • Where are the go go bars in Pattaya located?

Most go go bars in Pattaya are located on Walking Street and LK Metro, with few exceptions. There are few go go bars on soi 6, and the oldest go go bar in Pattaya, Tahitian Queen, is located right on Beach road. The go go bars on soi 13/1 and 13/2 are (permanently) closed. Check Pattaya go go bars for more information.

  • Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya

The two areas with most gentlemen’s clubs are soi Boomerang and soi Chaiyapoon but there are GC all over Pattaya. Bong Koch 8 has few GC, Babylon is on soi Bong Koch 5, Kings club on the Third road, and many more. Heaven above, club Fate and Golden time (temporarily closed) are the highlights of soi Boomerang.

  • Pattaya freelancers, where to find them?

The most common places to find freelancers in Pattaya are Pattaya beach road and night clubs like ibar-Insomnia, Red car, Marine disco, and Flexx club late at night. Many bar and go go girls go there after work. Some places are temporarily closed but plenty of freelancers are in the Tree town area. Dating sites are useful too. I prefer thai friendly and tinder.

  • Pattaya girls in massage shops

There are many genuine and happy massage places in Pattaya. Always ask for special services in advance and negotiate the price to avoid disappointment. Extras are most likely not offered if the place has big windows and no curtains.

  • Pattaya transportation (bonus tip). How to get from Suvarnabhumi airport to Pattaya?

There are a lot of taxis, buses, and minivans at Suvarnabhumi airport waiting for you but I would recommend two businesses. I am not affiliated to them in any way. I think they provide reliable service. Pattaya bell bus offers cheap shared transportation between the Bangkok main airport and your hotel. This service is temporarily suspended but you can still use them for cheap travelling to Pattaya bus station. For private transfers, I am very happy with Nam’s taxi service.

Inside the city, Pattaya baht buses are very useful for transportation between the main party areas. They cost only 10 baht. Taxis and motorbike taxis are the other two options. Motorbike taxi prices in Pattaya: 50-60 baht for a journey between LK Metro and Walking Street, same Price for LK Metro – soi 6, 100 baht Walking Street – soi 6. For taxis, expect to pay 200 up.