Patong Bar Girls

Patong bar girls

All Patong bar girls related information below is from my last trip to Patong. Best party area to find bar girls in Patong is Bangla Road. There are located most Patong go go bars, beer bars and discos.


Patong bar girls map

Patong bar girls

1-6 – go go bars, 1-4 – beer bars, O – Otop beer bar area, 1-5 – freelancers, C – Christin massage, M – massage places


Patong bar girls in go go bars

All go go bars in Patong are located on Bangla road and soi Seadragon. Most of them are owned by Suzy Wong’s group.


Patong bar girls in Suzy Wong’s go go bars

1. Suzi Wong’s – Probably the best go go bar on Banlga road with some of the most beautiful Patong bar girls. Fun place and excellent party atmosphere with soft rock music. No draft beer. Beers from 150 baht, lady drinks 240 baht, barfine 800 baht, short time 3000 baht, 5000 baht long time.

2. Harem – luxury, and stylish and one of largest go go bars in Patong. Comfortable sofas. Beautiful girls, some stunners. 99 baht for Chang beer. 180 baht spirits.

3. Devil’s Playground – friendly and naughty girls, some of them dance bare naked. A lot of fun for the price of one lady drink (240 baht). Draft beer 89 baht, barfine 800 baht, 3000+ baht short time.

4. Exotica – good quality of girls but the music was too loud and not to my taste, so I left quick.


Patong bar girls in other go go bars

5. Bar Lover – worth a visit. Cons: extremely pushy girls and most expensive lady drinks – 260 baht. Chang beer 99 baht. 1000 baht barfine. Pros: Not many customers, so some cuties agree to meet you after work for 2000 baht long time.

6. No.1 – rock music. Not many girls, average quality. Chang beer 90 baht. 250 baht lady drinks.


Patong bar girls in beer bars

1. Crazy horse circus – the biggest beer bar in Patong with the best pole dancers. Nice place to feel the vibe of Bangla road. Draft beer 100 baht, lady drinks 220 baht.

2. Bar funk 3 – right next to Crazy horse. Pole Dancers. Beer 100+ baht, lady drinks 200 baht.

3. Pumpui bar – big beer bar on Bangla road. Promo Chang beer and free tequila for 80 baht. 5 beers for 400 baht. Lady drinks 220 baht.

4. Lion bar – excellent live music on request. Very good musicians and cute working girls but the staff are extremely pushy for lady drinks. 90 baht draft beer. Chang beers for 400 baht. Lady drinks 220 baht.

O. Otop beer bar area. New beer bar area in Patong. Many small beer bars with few girls. Too laid back for my taste.


Patong bar girls – freelancers

Bangla road discos are the best place to find freelancers. Illusion (1) and Seduction (2) are top locations. If you like older girls and arab music – Tiger disco (3) and Tai Pan (4). The rates are 2000 baht long time.  Other locations – at the end of Bangla Road (beach side) in the evening (5).


Patong bar girls – massage places

C. Christin massage – the most famous soapy massage place. The rate is 3300 baht for 90 minutes.

M. Massage places on the beach road to the left and right of Bangla road. 1000 baht for a massage with extras.


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