Phnom Penh Hostess Bars

Phnom Penh hostess bars main areas are Street 136, Street 130, Street 104, Street 118, Street 110 and Street 51. There are more hostess bars on side streets. The Phnom Penh hostess bars map below contains most famous bars and some information from my last trip. Check my guest friendly hotels Phnom Penh list and map to find guest friendly hotels close to the action. For more information my Phnom Penh bar girls guide.

Phnom Penh hostess bars Riverside

Best area to stay. All bar areas are within walking distance.

phnom penh hostess bars map

Red-Street 130  Purple-Street 136 Orange – Street 118 Blue – Street 110

Phnom Penh hostess bars on Street 130

Top hostess bars

1 – Loco bar

Loco and Cherries have same owners, father and son. Very friendly french guys. Hassle free policy. Very clean toilet. Lady drinks $3.75, draft beer $1.75, JW red label $3.50, juice $2.50

2 – Cherries

See above. French wine $4

3 – Honey Pot

Friendly hostesses. Lady drinks $3.75, draft beer $1.75, JW red label $3.50

4 – Angry birds

Draft beer $1.50, lady drinks $3.75

More hostess bars

A – New Barbados Island

The former Barbados bar.

B – One Three Six Bar

Very nice place, friendly atmosphere, nice girls, worth a visit for sure. Live band from Philippines on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Spirits from $3.50, lady drinks $3.75

C – After Dark
D – Intoxica Bar
E – Blue Moon Shining
F – Black Panther
G – Splash Bar
H – Blue Birds Bar
I – Dragonfly

Worth a visit. The owner of Honeypot and Angry Birds opened a new bar with same prices.

J – Shangri La Bar Platinum
K – Ponytails
L – Oxygen Bar
M – Hugging Hearts
N – Avi bar
O – Lucky Girl bar
P – Beautiful Bar
Q – Happy Time Bar

Phnom Penh hostess bars on Street 136

Top hostess bars

1 – Candy Bar

Best party place and the biggest hostess bar in the area, open 24h. Almost Pattaya style experience. Many beautiful girls and pole dancers. Draft beer $1.75, lady drinks $3.75, Jameson $3.50.

2 – Mr. Butterfly

Big hostess bar, open 24h. Pole dancers. Lady drinks $3.75, nice beer promo Angkor draft $0.5 till 9 pm, $0.75 till 3 am.

3 – Sweet Lemon Bar

It’s not the cheapest hostess bar in Phnom Penh anymore but cheap enough for the area. Lady drinks $3.50, Angkor draft $1.50, buy one get one free, anchor draft $1, spirits from $3.50.

4 – Secrets

The newest and biggest high-end bar in the area. Huge place with many hostesses and live music. Lady drinks $4.5, whisky $4.5+, draft beer $3.

5 – The Corner 136 Bar

Big bar with many girls. open 24 hours.

6 – The Route 136 Bar

More hostess bars

A – Pussycat Bar
B – Dream Bar II
C – Red Fox Bar
D – Oasis Bar
E – Sizzlers Bar
F – Tokyo 136 Bar
G – Tiger Bar
H – 69 Bar

Lady drinks 3.50, special lady drinks up to $5, draft beer $1.75, spirits from $3.50

I – Sahara 136 Bar
J – Xanadu Bar
K – VVIP Bar
L – Madam Butterfly
M – Crazy Dog
N – Moonrise Bar
O – Phnom Penh Hilton
P – Wild Orchid Bar
Q – Cool Stone Bar
R – Phnom Penh Sharaton

Big bar with pole dancers and some cute girls, clean toilet. Lady drinks $3.75, Angkor draft $3, spirits from $4. Happy hour draft beer $0.75 from 7 am to 7 pm.

S – Why Not Bar
T – The Drink Bar
U – Hello Sweetie Bar
V – Spiderman Bar
W – Helicopter Bar
X – I Get You Bar
Y – Yellow Bar
Z – Alaska Bar 136

Phnom Penh hostess bars on Street 118

0 – Routex Bar
1 – Front Cambodia Bar
2 – Classy Bar
3 – Smiling Bar
4 – Drunk Bar

Small bar but very friendly girls. I played my favourite songs on youtube. Draft beer $1.50, lady drinks $3.50

5 – Island Bar

Few ladyboys work there.

6 – Heartbreak
7 – Jacky’s Bar
8 – @ The Office Bar

One of the best bars in the area. Big place with nice girls but I went there to meet some friends and didn’t check the prices.

9 – Dream Bar
A – The Catwalk
B – Khouch Oman Bar
C – Agogo Bar
D – Mermaid Bar

Phnom Penh hostess bars on Street 110

1 – Pretty Woman (permanently closed)

Japanese owner, cute but pushy girls. Stylish decoration in white and purple. Lady drinks $3.50, draft beer $1.50, spirits from $3.50.

2 – City Bar
3 – Double D’s Bar

Nice place to play pool with the girls. Angkor can $1.75, lady drinks $3.50

4 – Waves Bar
5 – Kea Bar
6 – Ben’s Bar
7 – Same Same but Different Bar
8 – Ary Lava Bar
9 – Black and White II Bar

Phnom Penh hostess bars on Street 104

phnom penh map2

1-3 – top hostess bars; A-L – more hostess bars

Top hostess bars

1 – Oscars

New big second floor with live music daily. Friendly hostesses. Lady drinks $3.50, draft beer $1.50, spirits from $3.

2 – AirForce Bar

One of the best bars. Big hostess bar, many girls and most girls go with customers! Nice pool table. Lady drinks $4, draft beer $2, Angkor bottle $3.50, spirits from $3.50

3 – Rose Bar

Not so much fun like before but still one of the biggest hostess bars in Phnom Penh. Many pushy girls. Draft beer $2, lady drinks $3.50, special lady drinks up to $6.

More hostess bars

A – One Zero Four

Many friendly girls but the music is too loud most of the time. Lady drinks $3.50, draft beer $1.5, Angkor bottle $3.50, Jameson $3.50

B – Boss Bar
C – Babylone
D – Top Ten Bar
E – Zanzibar

Draft beer $2, if no, they make discount for bottles at the same price. Lady drinks $3.50, Jameson $3.50

F – Nana Bar
G – The Marine Bar
H – Bunny Bar
I – Starex Bar
J – Smile Girls
K – Channary Bar

Pleasant discovery during my last trip. Late at night it was a hands on bar and some topless girls. Lady drinks $3.50, Jameson $3.50

Phnom Penh hostess bars on Street 51

The area is most popular to find freelancers – Pontoon, Sorya mall, Heart of Darkness disco. Few small hostess bars with one exception:

Shanghai bar – the bar has three floors. Many friendly girls. Excellent rooftop terrace. Live music on Wednesdays. Delicious Sunday roast. Lady drinks $3.50, draft beer $1.75, spirits from $3. Happy hour 3.30-7pm – draft beer $1.