Ho Chi Minh Girls Guide 2023

ho chi minh girls

There is not much information on the Internet about the Ho Chi Minh girls but below are some useful tips from my recent trips.

What’s new in 2023?

The most famous happy massages and BJ bars are open and they are the best places to go in 2023. Sadly, Benny’s is permanently closed. The bars on Bui Vien and Pasteur Street are open, including the Go2 bar but not many girls there.  Apocalypse Now has reopened next to its former location but it’s smaller and has no working girls.

Ho Chi Minh girls tips


Find a guest friendly hotel in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)

If you plan to bring back bar girls or freelancers to your room, make sure your hotel is guest (girl) friendly. Unlike Thailand, it’s not only about money. Many hotels won’t allow overnight visitors, so better plan in advance. Alternatively, you can book a nice hotel in Ho Chi Minh and bring girls before 10 p.m. or visit some of the many massages and bj bars.

Where to stay?

I recommend the Bui Vien area for cheap accommodations, restaurants, bar girls and freelancers. The second location is right between the hostess bars on Pasteur Street and the bar and massage places in the Japanese area. Nguyen Hue Street has a lot of upper-scale business hotels but they don’t allow even daytime visitors. Book a hotel there only if you plan to visit happy massages or short-time hotels.

Ho Chi Minh girls prices 2023

Like in many other countries, the price depends on the girl and the location. District 1 has the most expensive girls but also many easy-to-find stunners. Always negotiate the price before you bring the girl to your room. For detailed information, see the following tips.

Where to find bar girls and freelancers in Ho Chi Minh?

  • Dating apps like Line, Tinder, WeChat or Badoo are still an excellent choice in 2023 for finding Ho Chi Minh girls. Many freelancers or girls are looking for fun. Most girls ask for $50-60 ST but you can lower the price to one million dongs or even find a girl for free. The working girls come directly to your room.
  • Go2 bar has reopened with not many girls but Bui Vien Street is alive with many freelancers back to business and some hostess bars. Some girls don’t go with customers, so better ask in advance. Always negotiate the price in advance or be prepared to pay $100+ for FS. On the good side, the lady drinks are not expensive, $4-$5.
  • The hostess bars near Pasteur Street have many beautiful girls but most don’t go with customers. Lady drinks are also expensive, $6-$8.
  • Apocalypse now has reopened but without working girls, so avoid it. However, Lush is open and it’s busier now. Some girls still try to ask for 2-3M+ and it’s hard to negotiate a lower price. The best time to go is for their ladies night on Tuesdays.
  • If you want to party with gorgeous girls and don’t mind paying a fixed price of 4M for short time and 7M for long time, Catwalk is the place to be. However, the girls can also only sit and chat with you. The prices were similar at Boss KTV, Binh Chanh district but they reduced them lately.

Happy massages in Ho Chi Minh

Bui Vien area has a lot of massage parlors and almost all offer HJ (300k+) and some BJ (500k+) or FS (1M+). If you are lucky, you can have a great GFE too.

Linh Cherry Massage in the Japanese area has probably the best-looking girls but prepare to pay more. It’s 600k for the room and 2M for FS with BJ but the place is safe and hassle-free.

If you are a newbie, Dubai Massage at 41 Le Thi Hong Gam in District 1 is another good option for massage with extras. It’s not cheap but you don’t need to negotiate. Moreover, everything is clearly visible on the menu.

Queen Bee Massage has a new place. The correct address is already on Google: 07 Cao Trieu Phat, District 7. The prices are 700k for a VIP room and 1M tip.

There are also happy massages at Vien Dong and Dai Nam hotels. Up to 900k for the room and tips start from 400k, depending on the service.

Many beautiful girls in the Japanese area – KTVs, bars, massage places but the rates are high too (500k HJ, 1M BJ, 2M FS).

BJ bars in Ho Chi Minh

The most famous BJ bar in Ho Chi Minh Benny’s at Dien Bien Phu is closed but many BJ bars on Nguyen Phi Khanh Street are open. Moreover, the price is still 400k (2023) but some try to ask for 500k. There are probably dozens of BJ bars and better than before.

Transportation (Bonus tip 1)

Download and use the Grab app for transportation between the party areas and from/to the airport. Alternatively, use the most reputable taxi companies, Vinasun and Mai Linh, to avoid the taxi scam in Saigon.

Money changer (bonus tip 2)

The best place to change money in Ho Chi Minh and probably in Vietnam is Ha Tam Jewelry. It is located right next to Ben Thanh market.