Pattaya Go Go Bars 2024

pattaya go go bars

Almost all Pattaya go go bars are located on Walking Street and the LK Metro area, with few exceptions. Below is the list of these bars with short information and locations.

Please note that I’ll try to keep the list updated but bars open and close all the time. I also can’t visit all the places all the time. Therefore, your experience may differ depending on the night, the girls, etc…

You can also check my list of guest friendly hotels in Pattaya for recommendations on where to stay close to the go go bar areas. All girls-related information is on my Pattaya girls guide and Thai Friendly is still the best website to find freelancers.

What’s new in 2024?

The best go go bars in Pattaya are similar to last year, but there are some new bars.

The owners of XS and Pin Up have opened a new bar on Walking Street called Opium.

Lighthouse is open again.

Ricky’s new bar, Lips Lounge on Soi Honey, is still one of the best places for great hands-on fun. His former bar, Pandoras on LK Metro, is now a ladyboy go go called Peachy Lily.

Champagne is permanently closed and will reopen as a beer bar. Minx is now Top Gun. Living Dolls and Apple are closed and for sale. Okeanos is another new go go bar on Walking Street. Escape in Treetown is also permanently closed.

Pattaya Go Go bars list

  1. Pattaya go go bars on Walking Street
  2. Pattaya go go bars on LK Metro
  3. Other locations

Pattaya Go Go bars on Walking Street

Walking Street has some of the best go go bars in Pattaya but they are also the ones with the highest prices. Lady drinks cost between 180 to 200 baht for dancers and 200-230 for models. The bar fines are 1500-2500 baht. Short time going rates start from 2000 baht for dancers and 3000 for models. For long time, expect to pay 3000 for regular girls and 4000-6000 baht for models. The beer price is 130-180 per bottle, but many places have cheap draft beer from 90 baht. Soft drinks cost between 95 and 120 baht.

pattaya go go bars walking street map

1. XS А Go Go

XS go go bar
XS is now probably your best bet to find the most beautiful go go dancers in Pattaya. The same owners as Pin Up, but they made an even better bar. It’s the old Alcatraz bar, but now it is a completely different place. It’s a huge, fully renovated area with an excellent sound system, and the music is not boring and loud. The bar has the biggest number of most beautiful young girls in town. There are 90 dancers and models every night, 30 each rotation.

2. Pin Up

pin up go go bar
Like before the pandemic, Pin Up is still one of the best go go bars in Pattaya.  With more than 100 girls every night, it can suit everyone’s taste. However, prepare to pay premium prices for their models. They have extended the place, now with more VIP areas and stages. The French manager does a great job and the happy hour is from 7 to 8 pm every day with cheap draft beer. There is a dual pricing system for dancers and models. The bar fines on the weekend are more expensive and there is a lady drink minimum (3-5) to take the girl out of the bar.

3. Fahrenheit

fahrenheit go go bar
Fahrenheit is the highlight of a so-called “French group” of go go bars in Pattaya and probably the second-best place to find talents. It’s a big and busy place with many beautiful girls and friendly staff. They have different rates for dancers and models.

4. Baccara

baccara go go bar
Baccara is a nice big place and worth a visit. They have two floors and more than 50-60 girls daily. There are also two types of seats, stools near the stage and comfortable couches. No pressure for lady drinks, so you can sit and enjoy the view. In normal times it’s the go go bar with most Japanese visitors. To avoid miscommunication later, mamasans sometimes try to ask for upfront payments for the girls. However, if you insist on paying later, it’s not a problem at all.

5. Skyfall

skyfall go go bar
The Skyfall reopening was fun with crocodile barbeque and now they are back in full party mode. It’s a huge place with professional staff. Their model drinks and bar fines are expensive but regular lady drinks are probably the cheapest from all Walking Street go go bars. Due to many Asian customers, they insist on upfront payment for the girl, and the going rates are high and hardly negotiable.

6. Dollhouse & Electric Blue (closed)

pattaya go go bars the dollhouse
Dollhouse and Electric Blue were two of my favourite go go bars in Pattaya before the lockdown, with beautiful hands on girls. The Windmill owners bought the place and most girls are now there. The Dollhouse building remains closed.

7. Sapphire

sapphire club pattaya
Before the opening of Pin up, it was the best go go bar to find quality girls with a great party atmosphere. They reopened after a major renovation but still need time for the talent to return. However, I think that they are going in the right direction. It’s a huge place with comfortable seats, an excellent sound system and guest DJs. Their VIP rooms are a nice addition. For more information, you can check the Sapphire website.

8. Windmill

Update: Windmill now consists of two buildings, their old place and the location where their sister bar, Annabels, was. Both places are open with their second floors.

Windmill is not a place to find beauties, but it’s the best place for hands-on action in the Walking Street area. Located on Soi Diamond, it has two floors and many open-minded girls for naughty games. You can play with the girls or watch and participate in their stage shows. There are a few mattresses to play on, and the shower tub is back for even more fun than before.

9. Atlantis

atlantis go go bar
Atlantis is one of the smallest but one of the friendliest go go bars in Pattaya. Don’t expect to find models there but the girls are very friendly and not pushy. The owner is a nice, big Norwegian guy who does an excellent job, and everyone receives a warm welcome.

A. Palace

palace go go bar
Palace is not a very big bar, but you can probably find a stunner there. They have cheap draft beer and some of Pattaya’s most expensive lady drinks.

B. Tantra

tantra go go bar
Tantra is similar to Palace but not so busy at the moment, and the lady drinks are cheaper.

C. One Night Jack

one night jack go go bar pattayaIt’s the former Pacha. The owner is Japanese and the place has some beautiful girls.

D. Katoeys Are Us

katoeys are us ladyboy go go bar pattaya
Katoeys are us reopen again. It’s the biggest and best ladyboy bar in Pattaya. It’s worth a visit for the fun and party atmosphere, and the dancers really know how to dance.

E. Sensations

sensations go go bar
Sensations is one of the high-end gogos with dancers and models. Expect to pay high prices for drinks and lady drinks but bar fines for models are cheaper than in other similar places.

F. Shark

shark go go bar
Shark a go go is a pleasant surprise. They have more than 30 girls, an excellent sound system, party lights and a great air conditioning system. I’ll check them again for sure.

G. Glass House

glass house go go bar
Glass house is not bad at all. They have two groups of girls – bikini and topless with big breasts. They don’t have draft, only bottled beer.

H. Moon

moon go go bar
It’s a small bar but many girls work there. They probably had the highest lady drink prices before the COVID when I last checked their menu.

I. Coco

coco go go bar
Not bad for a quick visit and I’ll probably visit the place again in the future.

J. Living Dolls (permanently closed)

living dolls go go bar
Update: The bar is sold and closed.
They have twenty dancers and cheap draft beer.

K. Iron Club
the iron club pattaya
There are not many girls, but some cuties and the place is not crowded.

L. Apple (closed)

Apple a Go Go

Update: It’s now closed and for sale.

Apple has some good-looking girls and models.

M. Bliss

bliss agogo pattaya
They have some very good and some average-looking girls.

N. Mamasan Club

Mamasan Club WS
It’s the new name of Dolls go go bar. It’s better now, and there’s no drink pressure like before.

O. Lighthouse

lighthouse a go go

Lighthouse is open again and has the same owners as Tantra and Palace. They have mostly average-looking but also a few beautiful girls. It’s not the old hands on bar, but it’s still worth a visit.

P. Peppermint

Peppermint a go go

It’s no longer part of Happy Group, and the new owners are Korean. It’s a small bar, but there are some good-looking girls.

Q. Ivygo

Ivygo a gogo

It’s a huge go go bar with VIP areas and many girls. The space is very nicely decorated, and the girls wear sexy outfits.

R. Opium

Opium is one of the newest go-go bars on Walking Street. It has the same owners as XS and Pin Up, and its location is on the corner of Soi 14, the former Sugar Baby Agogo. It’s fully renovated, with a nice interior and three groups of dancing girls. Each group consists of 30 girls, some of them topless. The prices and going rates are similar to their other bars.

S. Okeanos

okeanos agogo

Okeanos is a new Chinese-owned agogo on Walking Street. The layout is good, with comfortable seats. However, the ladies are not very young, and the customer and lady drinks are expensive: 185 baht for a bottle of beer and up to 250 baht for lady drinks.

Pattaya Go Go bars on LK Metro

Bar fines are 1000 to 1800 baht. The going rates are negotiable, but 2000-2500 short time and 3000 long time for regular dancers and 3000 short time and 5000 long for models seem like a norm. Lady drinks cost 175-200 baht. Soft drink prices start from 80 baht and bottled beer is 150-170 in most places.

guest friendly hotels pattaya map soi lk metro

1. Kink

Kink is one of the biggest, most stylish and best go go bars on LK Metro. It has two floors and a lot of girls. The first floor is like a normal go go bar with dancers. The second floor is for play and hands on action, so the bar suits every taste. Great shows and the stage can be lowered down, so the customers downstairs can enjoy the show. There is a new lady drink price policy – cheaper soft drinks and more expensive alcoholic drinks. There is no draft beer, but they have excellent scotch.

2. Lady Love

lady love club pattaya
They have more than forty dancers and models, and the models are attractive. The management does a great job in this place. Some girls from Sapphire work here. The lady drinks are cheap for a go go bar.

3. Peachy Lily

peachy lily lk metro
It’s the former Pandoras, but now it is a ladyboy go go bar.  Shortly after Ricky sold the bar, it worked for a few months as a hands-on lady go go bar like before, but now it has only ladyboys.

4. Slutz (closed)

Slutz LK Metro

Update: The bar is closed.

Slutz is one of the newest bars in the area with a decent lineup. They also have a gentlemen’s club and beer bar with the same name. The manager and mamasan are friendly.

5. Champagne (permanently closed)

champagne club pattaya

Update: Sadly, Champagne is sold and will reopen soon as a beer bar.

Champagne is the oldest go-go bar on LK Metro, and it is still doing fine. It has many girls and probably one of the best lineups at the moment. The music is loud, and the place has a party atmosphere.

6. Pure

pure go go bar
Pure is one of the newest go-go bars, and the girls are of average quality. I’ll check it again in the future to see if it improves.

7. Crystal Club

crystal club pattaya
They have beautiful and friendly girls and daily promos. Crystal Club has a nice sound, disco lights, and a party atmosphere. The pole dance shows are very professional.

8. Showgirls

showgirls go go bar
They have some hotties. The beer is not expensive, so I’ll check them again.

9. Queen Club

queen club pattaya
A high number of girls have silicone breasts. If that’s your thing, Queens is the place to be. It’s a high-end go go with high bar fines and going rates.

A. Bachelors

bachelors go go bar
Some nice girls but they have the most expensive bottled beer and model lady drinks on LK Metro.

B. Dolls LK

dolls lk pattaya
Good-looking girls but the place is for experienced customers as everybody is pushy for drinks.

C. Paradise

paradise go go bar pattaya
Paradise has very good models but the bar fines are high too. They have bottled beer and house spirits at happy hour, so it’s not so bad.

D. Destiny

destiny go go bar
Destiny has a few good girls, and prices are average. The beer is reasonably priced, and the staff are friendly.

E. Sugar Sugar

sugar sugar go go bar pattaya
Sugar Sugar has good quality girls and it’s worth a visit. They have expensive soft and alcoholic customer drinks but well-priced lady drinks.

F. Catch Me

catch me go go bar pattaya
Catch Me is just another go go bar with average-quality girls and a cheap short-time bar fine for a go go.

G. Mamasan Club LK

Mamasan Club LK

It’s a new go go bar on LK Metro, part of the Dolls group.

H. Top Gun Agogo

top gun agogo

Top Gun is the former Minx and Pulse. The girls are not very young, but customer drinks are cheap, and they have comfortable seats.

I. Las Vegas Agogo Club

las vegas agogo club pattaya

It’s a shiny new bar but with a cold atmosphere. However, there are few topless girls and the draft beer is not expensive.

Other locations

Tahitian Queen

tahitian queen go go bar pattaya

Tahitian Queen is the oldest go go bar in Pattaya and part of Pattaya’s history. It’s located right on Beach Road. The long-time owner Woody sold the bar but the new owner Bob is a nice guy too. You won’t find models here but the atmosphere is very friendly and it’s probably the only go go bar open at 1 pm. The music is mostly rock and they also play music on request. The lady drinks cost 180 baht and there are a lot of daytime happy hour promos. They have short time rooms at the back.

Lips Lounge

Lips Lounge

It’s Ricky’s new bar on Soi Honey. The former Pandora owner knows how to make a great go go bar and never disappoints. It’s a small place with dozen girls but one of the best hands on bars in Pattaya. There are also ST rooms and the rates are reasonable.

In fact, it’s a gentlemen’s club, but the only difference with Pandoras is the short time rooms upstairs. Everything else is the same: the layout, the bar activities, and even the mamasan.

Play Girlz
Play Girlz is a new go go bar on Soi Boomerang. The area is famous for its gentlemen’s clubs, but the new go go is a great addition. It has high going rates for the location, but there are nice shows, special events, and drink promos.