Guest Friendly Hotels Koh Samui

guest friendly hotels koh samui

The best guest friendly hotels in Koh Samui are located close to nightlife. It’s one of the most expensive places in Thailand with lovely beaches but the nightlife is nothing like Pattaya or Phuket. Also, not all hotels are guest friendly.

There are two main areas in Koh Samui – Chaweng and Lamai. Both have many hotels and bars, but Chaweng is more developed and Lamai is smaller and quieter. Chaweng is the best place to find many pretty girls and the only choice to party during the low season.

The best party areas in Chaweng are Soi Green Mango and Soi Reggae with many beer bars and girls. There are also two go go bars – Dream Girl with Thai girls and Galaxy with Russian girls. I think the best parts of Chaweng and Lamai are the massages with extras. See the updated info below.

Guest friendly hotels Koh Samui 2023 update

Finally, most hotels and bars have reopened. Ark Bar Beach Resort and the bar have also reopened and it’s the best party place to stay.

I found two more guest friendly hotels – Cosi Samui Chaweng Beach and Lek Lek Samui RoomXCoffee Bar.

The following hotels are permanently closed: Lek City Hotel, Samui Laguna Resort and Holiday Park Hotel.

Most beer bars on Soi Reggae and Soi Green Mango are open. They have working girls but don’t expect many young stunners. It’s nothing like Pattaya, Patong, or Bangkok, so you better find a holiday girl from there.

Both go go bars in Koh Samui are open. Dream Girls has some not very young girls available for 800 bar fine and 3000 baht short time.

Lamai also has beer bars and girls but not the same party atmosphere as Chaweng. However, there are cheaper accommodations and nice beaches to enjoy.

Koh Samui bar girl prices 2023: The bar fine is from 400 up to 1000 baht, 1500-2000 baht for short time and 2000+ baht for the whole night. Lady drinks are less than 200 baht.

Koh Samui massages: The standard massage prices are 300-400 baht and up to 2000 for the girl, depending on her service and your negotiation skills. Some places ask for  1000 for a HJ only. In some places, they ask for upfront payment. The rates are much higher at high-end massage parlors. The Japanese nuru massage place Ki-Mo-No is now Pannarai. You can find the latest rates on their website.

Koh Samui freelancers: The best place to find freelancers is the Green Mango Club. The other clubs are worth checking too. Also, the internet works fine. There are some girls on Tinder and Thaifriendly. The rates start at 1500+ baht for short time.

Top guest friendly hotels Koh Samui – Chaweng Beach

guest friendly hotels koh samui chaweng beach map

1-8 – top guest friendly hotels Koh Samui Chaweng beach; G – soi Green Mango party area

1. Ark Bar Beach Resort *** $62

guest friendly hotels koh samui chaweng ark bar beach resort

The Ark Bar Beach Resort is a guest friendly hotel right in the middle of everything. Right on the beach and close to the beer bars and girls. If you want to party, it’s the best hotel in the area. The atmosphere is great, and the pool is lovely. The food and drinks at the restaurant and the bar are excellent. I love the cocktails! The staff is really attentive. Very good rooms with tv, free Wi-Fi, aircon and safe. If you are a light sleeper, ask for a room away from the pool and beach area.

2. Chaweng Garden Beach Resort *** $66+

koh samui chaweng garden beach resort

I stayed once at Chaweng Garden Beach Resort and would stay there again. Excellent location in the centre of Chaweng. Close to the bars, restaurants and clubs, but far enough away from any noise. It is located right on the beachfront with a nice lounge area, spotless and well-maintained: comfortable king-size beds, decent renovated showers and toilets, good aircons, and kettles with coffee and tea. There is free Wi-Fi everywhere. The restaurant is nice but the service is a bit slow.

3. Anantara Lawana Koh Samui Resort ***** $163+

koh samui chaweng anantara lawana resort

It’s a fantastic guest friendly high-end hotel in Koh Samui. The hotel is located far enough away from the busy Chaweng Beach in a quiet area but close enough if you want the hustle and bustle. Ten minutes walk to nightlife. You can enjoy the breakfast, the pool and the private beach. The rooms are absolutely fantastic with huge balconies and baths, everything you need there. Book a room with private pool access. Excellent food and plenty of choices on the menus. The bar serves some amazing cocktails.

4. O.P.Bungalow ** $33+

guest friendly hotels koh samui chaweng op bungalows

The O.P. Bungalow is probably the best budget option for a guest friendly hotel in the area. It’s in a perfect location on the beach, within walking distance to nightlife and the new shopping mall. Close to many bars but far away enough for a peaceful night’s sleep. The rooms are basic but clean with aircon, comfortable beds, TVs, free Wi-Fi and hot water. Very friendly staff. Restaurant on the beach with delicious food.

5. J4 Samui Hotel *** $39+

J4 has an unbeatable location, as the party areas of Chaweng are right across the street.

Guest friendly policy: “We don’t charge the joiner if the number of guests is not over the room’s standard but please let us copy your I.D. card or Passport for security reasons.”

7. Panupong Hotel ** $14+

It’s a cheap basic accommodation but the rooms are clean and not small.

6. Cosi Samui Chaweng Beach *** $31+

The hotel has a modern design with a nice pool area. The rooms are spotless with comfortable beds and pillows.

Guest friendly policy: We welcome visitors but please always contact the front desk for the security process.

8. OZO Chaweng Samui *** $67+


Top guest friendly hotels Koh Samui – Lamai Beach

guest friendly hotels koh samui lamai beach map
1-8 – guest friendly hotels Koh Samui Lamai beach; L – Lamai beer bar area (main party area with dozen beer bars)

1. The Hive Hotel Samui *** $55+
It’s the former Lamai Wanta beach resort, a bit more expensive but well worth the extra money. The place looks even better than before. It’s a fantastic beachfront guest friendly accommodation within walking distance to beer bars.

2. Lamai Inn 99 Bungalows *** $32+
Lamai Inn has a great location on the beach. It has clean rooms, nice facilities and a good-sized swimming pool.

3. Bonny Hotel ** $19+
Bonny Hotel is cheap but the rooms are good. The bathrooms have hot water. It’s in the heart of Lamai beach but the location is very quiet.

4. Weekender Resort *** $51+
Weekender Resort is located right on the best part of the beach and the bars are within walking distance. It has one of the biggest swimming pools in the area. All rooms are huge with comfy beds.
Tip: You can hire a scooter from the reception.

5. Am Samui Palace Hotel *** $44+
Am Samui Palace Hotel has a great location just a few minutes walk to the beach and bars. The rooms are spacious and some have pool access. The hotel has two great swimming pools.

6. Pavilion Samui Villas & Resort **** $110+

7. Marina Villa *** $33+

8. Samui Jasmine Resort **** $90+


List of guest friendly hotels Koh Samui

Click on the hotel name from the list for booking and more information.
All guest friendly hotels Koh Samui on the list below have free Wi-Fi.

hotel name stars location pool price
Panupong Hotel 2 Chaweng no $14+
Samui First House Hotel 3 Chaweng yes $22+
Bill Resort 3 Lamai yes $23+
Lek Lek Samui RoomXCoffee Bar 2 Chaweng yes $24+
Bonny Hotel 2 Lamai no $25+
Nora Lakeview Hotel Samui 3 Chaweng no $29+
Cosi Samui Chaweng Beach 3 Chaweng yes $31+
Lamai Inn 99 Bungalows 3 Lamai yes $32+
O.P.Bungalow 2 Chaweng no $33+
Evergreen Resort 3 Chaweng yes $33+
Marina Villa 3 Lamai yes $38+
J4 Samui Hotel 3 Chaweng yes $39+
Al’s Resort 3+ Chaweng yes $33+
Weekender Resort 4 Lamai yes $42+
Chaweng Resort 3 Chaweng yes $47+
Am Samui Palace Hotel 3 Lamai yes $51+
Ark Bar Beach Resort 3 Chaweng yes $62+
Chaweng Garden Beach Resort 3+ Chaweng yes $66+
The Hive Hotel Samui 3 Lamai yes $67+
OZO Chaweng Samui 4 Chaweng yes $67+
Lub d Koh Samui Chaweng Beach 3 Chaweng yes $71+
Samui Jasmine Resort 4+ Lamai yes $94+
Pavilion Samui Villas & Resort 4+ Lamai yes $103+
Chaweng Regent Beach Resort 4+ Chaweng yes $115+
Anantara Lawana Resort & Spa 5 Chaweng yes $163+