Dubai Girls Guide 2022

dubai girls

There are working girls in Dubai from all over the world, probably even more than before, but unlike most other countries, the approach is not so simple. Below are some tips to get a freelance girl in Dubai.

Dubai girls tips

  • Find a guest friendly hotel in Dubai

Unlike a few years ago, there are many guest friendly hotels in Dubai these days. However, check the hotel policy before your trip as there are still many family friendly hotels, and they don’t allow visitors or charge joiner fees.

  • How to approach the girl you like

Well, I have bad news for you. It can be very complicated, and it’s’ different in every place. You must find by yourself what works best, depending on the place. In some bars, it is simple. You can introduce yourself and start the business. In some clubs, you must tell the bouncers to bring her to your table, or in the most strict places, you must wait for the right moment to meet her in the toilet. Don’t worry, if you don’t do something right, the staff will let you know.

  • How much to pay?

What’s the price for a freelance girl in Dubai? Dubai is not a budget friendly destination, for sure. How much to pay depends on the place, the nationality of the girl and your negotiation skills. Probably the cheapest are African girls for 500 dirhams, 700-800 for girls from the Philippines and Vietnam and 1000 per hour for middle eastern and Russian agency girls, or 1200+ for freelancers for a few hours. See below for more detailed information.

  • Always negotiate how long she stays with you

Tell the girl how much time exactly you want her to stay with you, especially if it’s for the whole night. Many girls want to leave when you fall asleep, others at dawn, and some are happy to stay for breakfast. Most people take the girls for short time, but it can be for one, two, or more hours, so be precise.

  • Don’t’ pay upfront

Many girls in Dubai are honest and professional but don’t pay her before she is ready to leave to avoid disappointment.

  • Where to find freelance girls in Dubai?

There are working girls from all over the world, probably even more than before. The most common places are bars and clubs. Many hotels have bars and clubs, and many freelancers from different nationalities work there. Some of the most famous places are listed below.

Czar is a nightclub inside the Capitol hotel. It has many very classy and beautiful Russian girls and the staff are friendly. You can walk around without any issues. The entrance fee is 200 dirhams with two drinks. The going rates are between 1000 and 1500 dirhams or up to 2500 if you negotiate for the whole night. When the club closes at 3 am, many girls stay near the car park and wait for the customers.

Cin Cin bar at Fairmont hotel has many good-looking Iranian, Arab and some Russian girls. The entrance is free but the girls are not cheap. Some girls try to ask for 2000 dirhams for short time. However, the rates are highly negotiable and you can get a girl for a similar price for the whole night.

Red Square club inside the Moscow hotel is another palace to find Russian girls but the staff are not so friendly. You can find talents but the entrance fee is high, 250 dirhams with two drinks. There are also many girls from Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

Regal club in the Regent Palace hotel is full of Chinese-looking Uzbek girls. The entrance fee is 150 dirhams with a drink.

Mint club inside the Manhattan hotel is one of the cheaper places to pick up girls but they are less attractive. The freelancers are mostly from Uzbekistan and you can get them for less than 1000 dirhams for a few hours. There are also some African girls.

Ratsky is a bar in the Fortune Karama hotel. You can find Vietnamese girls and Filipinas for 1000-1500 dirhams for the whole night and the entrance fee is less than 100 dirhams (75 dirhams if I remember correctly).

Club 7 in Park Regis Kris Kin hotel has Vietnamese and other Asian girls.

Vault Club inside the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai has some nice girls with premium prices but you can avoid the reception and bring them directly to your room if you stay at the hotel. Please note that the club has many normal girls, so don’t approach them if they don’t make eye contact.

York club at the York international hotel has no entrance fee but a limited selection of girls these days.

Ayoush Café has mostly Iranian and Arabic girls, some of which are really beautiful. Expect to pay 1000-2000 depending on your negotiating skills and the time of night. It’s’ a bit tricky to pick up a girl from there as it’s’ not allowed to approach her directly. You make eye contact with the girl you like and then meet her in the restroom to get her phone number. Many girls also visit the restroom frequently to wait for customers.

Spa massages
There are many places with spa massages with extras all over Dubai. Many of them are open 24/7. You pay for standard service and negotiate the extras with the girl. If you want to find Thai girls in Dubai, visit one of these places, you won’t find Thais in bars and clubs.

Escort agencies
Lust models (formerly Elite Vibe), Russian angels and Cat agency are some of Dubai’s most popular escort agencies. Expect to pay 1000+ dirhams for one hour.

Dating sites
It’s’ the cheapest way to find girls in Dubai and you can find some rare gems semi-pros with normal daytime work in need of extra cash. However, there are a lot of scams and fake profiles, so it’s’ not recommended for newbies. You may have luck on Tinder but Massage republic is the most popular website to find girls in Dubai.