Bangkok Bar Girls Guide 2024

bangkok bar girls

I travel to Bangkok a few times a year, so I decided to write a Bangkok Bar Girls guide to help people who are planning to visit. It contains useful tips and information from my latest trips.

What’s new in 2024?

The best bars and girly places to visit in 2024 are similar to last year. There are many excellent and hassle-free go go bars in Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy has some hands on bars and shows. The police raids in Patpong in recent years closed many bars and there are less than ten left. Some have decent lineups and are worth a visit but my best advice is to stay near Nana Plaza and visit Patpong only if you stay more than a few days in Bangkok.

The highlights of Patpong are Pink Panther for the best party and Muay Thai fights, and Bada Bing and King’s Castle group for the best girls. My favorite go go bars in the Nana area in 2024 are still Billboard, Spanky’s and Butterflies. Billboard has beautiful girls to barfine, and the carousel is running again. Crazy House is best for hands on action on Soi Cowboy, and Long Gun and Suzy Wongs are best for watching ping pong shows. Kazy Kozy and Hillary 1 have great live bands.

The beer bars on Soi Nana have many girls and punters. There are many freelancers in the Sukhumvit area between Soi Nana and Terminal 21 and nice girls in Thermae.

Check my guide below for the latest tips and Bangkok bar girl prices in 2024.

Bangkok Bar Girls Tips


Find a guest friendly hotel in Bangkok

Luckily, most hotels in Bangkok are guest friendly and allow visitors without extra charge. However, not all of them! I know at least a few hotels in Patpong and Soi Cowboy area that don’t allow visitors, even if you are willing to pay. You can check my updated list of guest friendly hotels in Bangkok for the latest information and reviews.

Where to stay in Bangkok?

Bangkok’s most famous red-light districts are Soi Nana (Nana Plaza), Soi Cowboy, and Patpong.

  • Patpong is the oldest area and its glory days are past. However, there are some nice go go bars left, and it’s worth visiting the Patpong Museum to see how it all began. The other two areas have much more to offer. Update: The museum is sadly closed.
  • Soi Nana has everything: a lot of go go bars, beer bars on Soi Nana and the sois nearby, massage places, freelancers, restaurants, and coffee shops. The entertainment is day and night.
  • Soi Cowboy is a nighttime area with mostly go-go bars, and the Terminal 21 shopping mall, with its nice and cheap food court, is right across the street.

Probably the best place to stay in Bangkok for nightlife is close to Soi Nana or on Sukhumvit Road between Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy. Patpong is a bit far from them, but you can always take a taxi, BTS, or MRT to go there.

Where to find girls in Bangkok?

  • Go go bars

Nana Plaza probably has the highest concentration of the best go go bars. Spankys has an excellent party atmosphere, Angelwitch has great shows, Billabong and Butterflies are huge places with many beautiful girls, rainbow bars are full of cuties, and many more. The girls are mostly business-oriented; if you are looking for quick pick-up and barfine, Nana Plaza is the place to be.

Soi Cowboy is more of an easy-going party and touristy place. Crazy House is a very hands on place and one of the very few bars with naked girls. Dollhouse and Baccara are worth a visit and Kazy Kozy has live music. You can watch crazy ping pong and other shows at Long Gun without being scammed. Padded bills are not uncommon in so-called “Arab” bars (Spice Girls, Sahara, Deja Vu, Kiss, Rio, Midnite) and some girls don’t go with customers.

Patpong is worth visiting at least once. It’s part of Bangkok’s history and still has some nice go-go bars, like Pink Panther, Bada Bing, and King’s Castle bar group. The area also has a gay scene and male strip clubs.

  • beer bars

There are plenty of beer bars all over the city, and many on the sois between Soi Nana and Soi Cowboy. I like the beer bars on Soi Nana: Morning Night, Stumble Inn, and Big Dogs. Hillary group bars like Hillary 1 and 2 are also nice, with live music and girls. The Soi 7 beer bar complex is good, too.

  • Happy massages

There are hundreds of massage places in Bangkok but how to tell if it’s legit or happy massage?

Legit massages have big glass windows. The girls are not in sexy dresses and usually don’t stay outside. If the girls are dressed sexy, they stay outside and try to convince you to come inside at the back, upstairs, or in private rooms, most probably, they have a lot more to offer. Such places also tell you to take off all your clothes and don’t give you pants or a towel. The chances they offer extras are much higher if they are located near Soi Nana.

101 Premier, Mai Chan and Momo are famous full-service massages in other areas.

  • BJ bar

Some of the most famous BJ bars are located between Sukhumvit 7/1 (Wood Bar) and 8 (Lolita, Kasalong). 7-heaven on Sukhumvit soi 33 is an excellent BJ bar with really hot girls, but prepare to pay much more.

    • freelancers in Bangkok

The best areas to find freelancers are Soi Nana, Thermae café, the area in front of Thermae café – Sofitel – Hyatt Regency and online on Thaifriendly or Tinder.

Thermae is the most famous place to find high-quality but expensive freelancers, including semi-pros with normal daytime jobs.

Sukhumvit area between Thermae and Hyatt Hotel at night has many freelancers, girls, and ladyboys.

Soi Nana has many working girls, ladyboys, freelancers from abroad, black girls, Filipinos, and Vietnamese. The black girls stay mostly in front of the Novotel Sukhumvit 4 area.

Thaifriendly has the most options online, but bear in mind that, unlike Pattaya girls, thaifriendly Bangkok has many more girls looking for genuine relationships.

How to take bar girl out of the bar?

Bangkok is not only for tourists, but there are also many business travelers, and the bar girls in Bangkok are straight into business too. Some of them are even so pushy that you better learn how to say no politely than worry about finding a girl. As soon as you enter the bar, the bar girls will approach you and ask for a drink. If it doesn’t happen (very rare case), make eye contact with the girl you like, and she will come. If you don’t like the girl, refuse to buy her a drink, and move on, it’s completely acceptable.

To avoid unpleasant situations, better negotiate the price in advance and for how long, short time up to two hours or for long time till morning. After that, pay her barfine (payment to take the girl from the bar) and leave with her. Never give the girl money in advance and always pay when the job is done.

Bangkok bar girls prices (going rates) in 2024

The bar girl prices in Bangkok in 2024 are similar to last year. You can always negotiate the price down, but expect the following: The hot freelancers in Thermae ask for 2500-3000 baht ST and 5000-8000 for the whole night. The BJ prices range from 800 (Wood bar, Kasalong) to 1300 (7-Heaven bar, Madame Claude). The girls on Thaifriendly ask for 1500-3000 ST. The freelancers in the Sukhumvit area ask for 1500-3000 ST and 2000-4000 LT.

For a go go girl in all three party areas (Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong), expect to pay 3000-4000 ST and 4000-5000+ LT but some girls agree to 2000-2500 ST. Billboard is the most expensive with 4000 ST, but the bar fine is only 700 and you can negotiate the price with some girls. Some go go bars still have an 800 baht bar fine, but it’s already 1000 and up in many places.

Many girls in the beer bars are happy with 2000 ST and 3000 LT.

The lady drinks in most go go bars in Bangkok cost between 200 and 220 baht, and the customer drinks are 170-200 for bottled beer and whisky. The soft drinks cost 40-50 baht less. Sadly, some girls ask for double lady drinks for 400 baht.  Spankys has the most expensive customer drinks, but it’s a fun place, and the girls make a great show.